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About Dredgevare

Name Dirk van Reijendam
Address Frans Halsstraat 23b
Town 3583BL Utrecht
Phone 06 30 99 98 00
E-mail info@dredgevare.nl
Date of birth 19  March  1964


My main competence lies in connecting people and business and maintenance of relationships and contacts. I can negotiate business with a sensitive feeling for (commercial) relationships in conjunction with a proper assessment of risk levels. I attach great importance to the fulfillment of agreements made.
I am able to bring team spirit where it seems seemingly impossible and willing to think and go off the beaten path, but not without first measuring and creating sufficient support. This “out of the box” thinking also applies to the inventing of new working methods and techniques, and the development of solutions in managing an organization and execution of projects.


2015 Exsion Reporting – HB Software
2014 DPA Training course – Bureau Veritas
2008 Opfriscursus RAW-2005 en UAV-1989 – Petersen Civiele Techniek
2008 Kwaliteitsborging bij contracten – Elseviers
2007 VCA VOL – ABC – Consulting
2007 Vakdiploma VIHB – SEB
2006 Cursus beleidsadvisering – Amaze
2006 Cursus adviserend schrijven – Elseviers
2003 Cursus RAW systematiek – Boskalis
2003 Cursus project management/communicatie – Boskalis/AOI
2003 Diploma Bedrijf Hulpverlening – MTI Vlissingen
2003 Basic Safety Training – MTI Vlissingen
1998 Cursus Communicatie/Voorlichting – Schouten/Neelissen
1998 Financieel management – KPMG
1998 FIDIC (Internationale Contracten) – Boskalis
1997 Brandbestrijding – MTI Vlissingen
1997 VCA VOL – Boskalis
1996 Opleiding Contracten Rijkswaterstaat – Koninklijke PBNA
1992 Intercultureel Management – Schouten/Neelissen
1986-1991 HBO Cultuurtechniek-Grond en Water – I.A.H Larenstein
1983-1985 VWO
1980-1983 HAVO
1976-1980 MAVO

Work experience (2001 - present)

2014 – present – Various consulting assignments

Over the past few years I have been able to carry out various assignments in the field of advising companies in the dredging industry
For example, the companies Severn Sands Newport (UK) and Trade and Minerals Nowak, Gdansk (PL) are part of the list of companies I have been able to advise in improving operational processes and organization.

2013 – Interim manager DC Dredging BV

DC Dredging BV consists of a number of (7) companies under the umbrella of Group de Cloedt NV (BE) and are compiled as a production company to win and sell marine aggregates to mainly internal but also external customers. In addition, dredging projects are also carried out. This is done by a fleet of 5 seagoing Trailer Suction Hopper Dredgers and 8 inland shipping vessels. Every company had its own culture and it was my challenge to build an organization (about 80fte) in which anyone can identify him/herself with the new born company. The fact that this was successful is reflecting in rising revenue, profit and performance figures over the last 3 years together with a high level of involvement and little progress among staff. The turnover lies now around 30mln euro. The next step has been taken with expansion of the fleet. This made it necessary to adjust the organization to meet the growth ambition. Adaptations have been made in the following areas: ICT, HR, ISM, administration and technical services.

2013 – heden Owner Dredgevare

Dredgevare is a sole proprietorship company from which I rent myself as interim manager to various assignments.

2011 – present Owner of U-Pand Vastgoed BV

Started my own company in real estate development together with my partner.

2008 – 2011 Manager at Snijder BV

Snijder is a family owned company that is specialised in international rental of earth moving equipment. It owns a fleet of approx. 300 pieces of equipment world wide and the workforce contains about 120 employees. Annual turnover is approx. € 50mln.


I was responsible for the introduction of new clients in new market segments like mining and waste-handling industry. Within the Snijder holding I created a new organization for execution of contracts in earth moving or mining business. I was member of the management team.

2008 Manager engineering/calculation team City Council of Groningen

Groningen is a city with a total of 180.000 inhabitants. The council of Groningen has its own engineering department which is divided in 3 teams; a project management team, a project preparation team and an engineering and calculation team. In totally the department has approx. 80 employees of which 16 in the engineering team.


Manager of the engineering/calculation team. The team exists of 16 resident engineers controlling approx. 70 (civil) projects under execution. Projects varying from development of commercial area’s to construction of underground parking buildings and city railway construction.

Creation of uniform working standards within the team. Improve quality assurance/safety awareness aspects. Create connections between different departments. Attending project meetings and perform budget control of projects.

Job didn’t give me the satisfaction I expected. After 10 months I decided to change jobs again.

2005 – 2008 Manager maintenance division civil works City Council of Eemsmond

City council of Eemsmond includes a 20.000 ha. area with 11 small villages and a total of 17.000 inhabitants


Managing of an organisation of 40 people with a turnover of approximately 3 million euros. Responsible for completion of contracts in maintenance of public roads, area’s, sewerage and drainage. Responsible for budget control, maintenance and updating of equipment (worth 2, 5 million euros) and also for team formation and personal coaching and training of employees. Responsible for introducing strategic changes in the organisation for optimising the results of the work and creation of more efficiency. Responsible for good relationships with clients, civilians and suppliers. Responsible for health, safety and environment and working conform VCA safety standards (Nation wide recommended safety standard for contractors). I managed several reorganization projects within the organization.

2003-2005   Country manager Boskalis Westminster Overseas Ltd. In Trinidad and Tobago

Managing of the local branch office organisation of Boskalis Westminster Overseas ltd. (BWO) in Trinidad and Tobago. Responsible for being the representative associate for Boskalis in the area of Trinidad and Tobago. Responsible for recognising projects, maintaining relationships with possible clients and developing new relationships. Responsible for team formation of the local office.

Support and coordinate projects in the area with the organisation of the branch office. Maintaining relationships with local government and organizations as unions.

Responsible for the results of the branch office and financial reporting to head office in Holland.

This job was in combination with being project manager of a project in Point Fortin in Trinidad executing the reclamation of a new area for the extension of the LNG terminal of Atlantic LNG. (Project worth € 34 million).


Extension of LNG terminal in Point Fortin by reclamation including coastal protection works and widening of the access channel. (€ 34 million)

Deepening of area in front of key wall by dredging in Port of Spain (€ 300.000,-)

Maintenance dredging of access channel of oil refinery of British Petroleum at Galeota Point (€ 550.000,-)  

2002-2003     Regional manager for Boskalis in the northern region of Holland

Starting a branch office for Boskalis in the northern region of Holland. Responsible for being the representative associate for Boskalis in this region.

Estimation of projects in the region and responsible for support and results of projects under execution. Taking care of communicating proper commercial offers to clients. Maintaining existing- and developing of new relationships with clients. After successful tendering arranging of proper project documents and work budget. Responsible for project team formation and following up project production results. Financial reporting to head office organization of Boskalis.


Coastal protection works IJsselmeerdijken (€ 240.000,-).

Recovering and repair of coastal protection shore breaker near Harlingen (€ 210.000,-). Transport of contaminated dredge material to special basin in Ketelmeer(€ 100.000,-).

2001 – 2003    Project manager of several joint ventures for several contracts as

subject of the extension of the industrial port of Harlingen.

Responsible for planning, execution and organisation of projects. Responsible for financial results and negations with the clients during the projects. Recognising additional works, calculation of additional works and responsible for communicating commercial offers of additional works to the clients.

Responsible for contracting subcontractors. Responsible for work methods and health-, safety- and environmental matters. Responsible for maintaining relationships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers. Responsible for working according QA standards (ISO 9001, 9002 and safety standards). Responsible for operational and financial reporting to the board of directors of the joint ventures and the head office organization of Boskalis.


Joint venture “Zeehaven Harlingen” (CZH): Boskalis BV, BallastHam Baggeren BV,

Haarsma Infra en Milieu BV

Joint venture “Harlingen Haven” (CHH): Ballast Nedam Infra Noord/Oost BV, BAM Infra

BV, De Groot en de Boer Harlingen BV

Location: Harlingen

Project: Second faze of the extension of the industrial port of Harlingen

Construction of 420 meter key wall (combination wall tubes/sheet piles) including

Drainage and roads. Dredging of material in front of the key wall by cutter suction dredger.

Reclamation of industrial area and construction of 400 meter coastal protection works.

(€ 6 million)


Joint venture “BaBo”: Boskalis BV/BallastHam Baggeren BV

Location: Harlingen

Project: Dredging of existing industrial port of Harlingen. Removing 80.000 m3 of contaminated sludge by special equipped backhoe and 50.000 m3 by hopper suction dredger. Transport of the material by ship to special basin in port of Rotterdam. (€ 3 million).


Joint venture “CZH” (Combinatie Zeehaven Harlingen): Boskalis BV, Ballast Ham Baggeren BV. Haarsma Infra en milieu BV

Location: Harlingen

Project: First faze of the extension of the industrial port of Harlingen. Dredging of 1.5 million m3 of material by cutter suction dredger for construction of new port basin. Reclamation of industrial area and 1, 7 km new official Dutch sea defence. 1,0 million m3 dry earth moving by excavation equipment. Widening of existing sea defence. Construction of coastal protection works. Construction of roads and drainage and cables and pipelines. (€ 8 million).

1999-2001      Operational manager Boskalis-Ballast Nedam UTE (Joint venture)



To be operational manager of an organization with 20 staff employees and 200 local labours. Responsible for meeting production targets according work budgets and planning.

Propose work methods and investments for the project. Responsible for working according company QA- and safety standards as well as local QA- and safety standards. Responsible for communication and relationships with local unions. Responsible for planning of the works and geometrical accuracy. Responsible for management information productions and planning. Delivering information to the financial department for completion of invoices and payments.



Location: Rosario, Argentinië

Project: Dredging and reclamation of 16 million m3 overburden and 24 million m3 sand for the construction of a 60km connection road through the river Parana between Rosario and Victoria. Monitoring of environmental effects and a execution of a complete soil investigation of the subsoil along the track of the road for consolidation calculations. ($ 125 million)

Work experience (1994 - 2001)

1997 – 1999    Project manager     Boskalis NV         


Responsible for making proper work preparation plan including work budget, planning and method statement. Responsible for formation of a project team and the mobilisation of equipment and personnel. Responsible for contracting subcontractors and suppliers. Accounting the local bank accounts and handling of invoices and payments. Responsible for meeting the project planning in accordance with the budgets. Arrange the import and export facilities of equipment. Maintaining of relationships with client and resident engineer. Responsible for the project-end reports


Location: Jebel Ali Port, Dubai (Boskalis Middle East Ltd.)

Project: Dredging of 1 km trench for a 3 cooling water pipelines for Dubal Aluninium factory by backhoe pontoon. ($ 500.000,-)


Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh    (Boskalis International BV   )

Project: Reclamation of extension of Chittagong international airport as subcontractor of Shimizu corp. Reclamation of 500.000 m3 of material from nearby river by cutter suction dredger. ($ 1.000.000,-)

Location: Dordtmund-Emskanaal, Greven, Duitsland (Boskalis Oosterwijk BV)

Project: Widening of 5 kilometres of the Dordtmund –Ems channel by cutter suction dredger. Profiling with backhoe of channel bottom including slopes within 5 cm accuracy. Placing of 20 cm clay layer by special clay laying pontoon at the bottom of the channel. (€ 910.000,-)


1994-1997     Superintendent (Boskalis NV)


Reclamation of urban area, Pijnacker, Netherlands

Reclamation of urban area, Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands

Construction of shore breaker, Kerteh, Maleisie

Construction of shore breaker, Happisburgh, Engeland


1991-1994      Assistent Superintendent (Boskalis NV)


Calculation and work preparation of several projects at head office in Papendrecht, Netherlands

Extension of key wall of container terminal, Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe

Construction of shore breaker, Corinto, Nicaragua

Construction of second Manama- Muharraq Crossing, Manama, Bahrein

Transport of contaminated dredged material, Maasvlakte, Nederland